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Bisk CPA Review Course

March 12th, 2010 by admin | Posted under CPA Exam Review Courses.

The Bisk CPA review course is a comprehensive CPA exam review system that focuses on giving the candidate insightful knowledge on areas to be tested in the CPA exam. The Bisk review course is offered in two distinct approaches: guided reviews and self-directed reviews.

Guided reviews are best for candidates who are seeking to gain valuable insight from top exam experts, including experienced instructors. Guided reviews are designed to ensure that candidates get simplified explanations of the different accounting topics as well as detailed explanations of answers to practice questions.

The Bisk guided reviews come in three formats. The first one is Bisk CPA Review Online which gives the candidate the benefit of enjoying a live review course with ample guidance. A combination of a diagnostic CPA exam, personal trainer, online classes, communication tools and CPA Exam Test Engine is used to help the student to master the necessary knowledge. The second is Bisk CPA Review Classic, which uses a well-structured CD-ROM approach to deliver lessons. It is a convenient way for the student to learn the material at anytime, anywhere. The third is Bisk CPA Review Live, which makes use of experienced instructors to give exam tips and guidance on achieving success during exams.

On the other hand, Bisk Self-directed Review is suitable for candidates who prefer to study on their own. To help in this, there are several study tools and products from which a candidate can choose. They include multimedia software that is properly developed to cover all areas of the exam, DVDs with viewer guides, audio CDs, and textbooks. For the DVDs and CDs, you can order only the ones that cover topics you have difficulty understanding.

Then there are Bisk textbooks that contain tips, techniques and strategies on how to prepare for the CPA exam, as well as thousands of practice questions accompanied by detailed explanations of correct and incorrect answers. A diagnostic exam is included to determine your strong and weak points and test your preparedness. Depending on how you score, pointers are given on how you can make appropriate changes to maximize your chances of success.

There are countless reviews from candidates who have used Bisk products to pass the cpa exam and they are quite inspiring. The Intensive DVDs are highly applauded as very valuable tools for those who need last-minute brush-up of the entire course. Another favorite of many Bisk students are the “hot spot” DVDs, each of which covers a particular accounting topic and can be purchased separately to strengthen an individual’s problem area. As well, some students find that the CDs make great studying material due to their thorough and concise nature, which ensures that much ground is covered in a short time.

You can read a more detailed review of the Bisk CPA review course here. To find out more about David Bryant and his experiences with CPA exam preparation please visit his CPA exam blog.

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