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Roger CPA Review Course

March 12th, 2010 by admin | Posted under CPA Exam Review Courses.

The Roger Phillips CPA review course is found by many students to be very helpful in clarifying the more confusing accounting principles and concepts. Roger Phillips, the man behind this increasingly popular CPA review course, has a way of delivering lectures that engages students’ attention and interest.

Check Out the Roger CPA Review Course

Roger Phillips regularly gives live lectures in four different cities. These live lectures are recorded on videotapes which are then made available online as online classes, and are also copied to USBs and made available as USB courses. Students that receive Roger Phillips CPA review course materials via online classes or USBs can rest assured that they are getting up-to-date information, as online classes and USB contents are updated with every live lecture delivered.

A student enrolled in lives lectures can only attend each lecture once, and then must pay $10 per class to watch the videotaped class online. On the other hand, a student who is enrolled in online classes is allowed to access each online lecture for up to two times (additional payment is required thereafter). Comparatively, the USB course may be a better option in terms of value, as it allows the student to watch the lectures for as many times as is desired – that is, until the course expires twelve months after it is first installed on the student’s computer.

In addition to lectures delivered by Roger, the Roger Phillips CPA review course also comes with its own textbook (written specifically to support the lectures), the Wiley book (for multiple choice questions), and the Wiley’s CD (for simulations). Aside from the full course, students can purchase cram courses that condense each section into a few hours to provide a last minute review that can drastically increase the student’s odds of scoring a passing mark.

Check Out the Roger CPA Review Course

There are several benefits to the Roger CPA review course. First of all, unlike some of the other CPA exam review courses, Roger’s does not make the student spend the time to familiarize himself/herself with each and every topic covered by the CPA exam. Instead, the Roger curriculum places more emphases on material that has the highest chance of coming up in the exam. With this approach, students studying from Roger’s course have an 86% average pass rate, which is considerably higher than the average pass rate of all CPA exam participants.

Another benefit of this course is the decent level of after-sales support that it provides. Students can ask questions about course materials via message board, email, and chat room. The good news is that, for such a quality course with adequate student support, the Roger course costs less than some of the other popular CPA exam review courses in the same class, such as Becker’s CPA review course.

Check Out the Roger CPA Review Course

In summary, the Roger Phillips CPA review course is of high quality and is therefore highly recommended to any student trying to pass the CPA exam.

You can read a more detailed review of the Roger Phillips CPA review here. To find out more about David Bryant and his experiences with CPA exam preparation please visit his CPA exam blog.

Check Out the Roger CPA Review Course

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One Response to “Roger CPA Review Course”
  1. Jason says:

    I agree, Roger CPA Review’s course is the best bang for anyone’s buck. Their lectures were a lot more concise and informative than Becker’s….I should know, I passed all of my parts on the FIRST TRY!!!